All in 1996

buffy the vampire slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was exceptional for the way it depicted so many otherworldly monsters, yet made us all understand that ultimately the hardest thing to face is humanity. Looked down on by critics and non-fantasy fans alike, Buffy reigned supreme for years as the most original, witty and strongest-written show on TV.


Bound was a mainstream film with two lesbian main characters. That isn't going to come along every day. Just for that it deserves a special place on the lesbian film honour roll.

everything relative

Don't expect too much and you might get a kick out of the unabashed gayness of this movie. It deals with issues many lesbians care about, and if you agree with all the points the characters make you'll probably be raising a fist crying "right on, sister!" It's diverting, but so dated and badly acted its a bit of a mixed bag of the good and the annoying.

love and other catastrophes

This film is a testament to the power of the idea. Just a few good scenes, some charming actors and voila! A decent, quirky, urban comedy. Made in a matter of weeks with just a Woody Allen-inspired script, no money and a lot of passion, it was a cinematic success story, lesbians and all.