All in 2001

the business of strangers

Every minute that I was watching The Business of Strangers I found myself wanting more than the film was giving me. When the characters were angry, I wanted them to be angrier. When sad, I wanted more anguish. When they were flirting, I wanted them to wind the sexuality up a notch. Everything seemed just not quite enough.

by hook or by crook

There comes a time in the evolution of a film genre when you feel like the tides are turning. It was about time that lesbian films made the shift from the entirely self-aware exploration of sexuality into real storytelling, concentrating on the experiences gay women have, rather than just on the experience of being gay.

julie johnson

Julie Johnson is woman obsessed with learning. She loses her husband, her family, discovers love for another woman but then drives her away, all in the pursuit of a something bigger for herself. Lili Taylor plays the titular character with an unrelenting drive, and a single minded desire to make a better life.

treading water

The actresses have palpable romantic chemistry and a banter, a way of fighting and making up, that was authentic in a way so many films aren't. These women are the foundation of each other's lives, for better or worse, and they are so interesting to watch.