All in 2003


If the numerous re-enactments of her crimes are even halfway close to the truth, then there is little doubt Aileen Wuornos was indeed a monster. Even if, as she claims, her first kill was in self defence, her subsequent killing spree erases all pity we might have felt. That she did it all for love, or the lack of it as this film suggests, is just appalling, and there's no excuse. Thankfully it is never offered as one.

fastlane: strap on

It's flashy, it's sexy, it's designer bubblegum for the eyes for those people who sat through The Fast and the Furious and enjoyed it. It is even well written in places.This offering by McG hits all the right notes for the fast cars fans, but there's not much here for the girls. Sweeps lesbianism at its finest.

do i love you?

This film is far from witty and so terribly dull. There are no redeeming features. Thank your lucky stars this film is so difficult to find, there's little or no chance you will stumble upon it by accident.

april's shower

Like many films before it, April's Shower starts out slowly and practically pummels the audience with a staggering array of textbook personality types and cliches. All of the characters are guests and gatecrashers at a wedding shower being thrown for bride-to-be April (Maria Cina, who bears a tantalising resemblance to Law & Order: SVU babe Mariska Hargitay) by her maid of honour Alex (Trish Doolan). 

an unexpected love

Despite their over-acted reputation, TV movies have the capacity to reach such a huge audience, so positive approaches to lesbian sexuality in TV movies can only be considered a good thing. With some OK performances by some reasonably well-known faces, this is a reasonable example of the medium and superior to many cinematic efforts I've seen dealing with the same subject.