All in 2006

sugar rush 2

Sugar Rush 2 is that rare beast, a sequel that surpasses the original. It's moments like this I realise that I really love good television writing. Damn those Brits, having all the fun. Great writing, great music, great acting, great sex, just all-round great TV.

the black dahlia

As with all noir, by necessity style plays an important role. In this case I would say the mise-en-scene rises to the level of a main character. Brian De Palma is well known for favouring style over substance, but in The Black Dahlia this unexpected upstart of a character steals the show and never gives any of the other characters a look-in.

gray matters

With a fantastic cast, a nice budget and a great premise, this film could have been an awesome romcom, and it does have some nice moments. However, a few characters needed to be excised, the script needed to be tighter and the zany needed to be toned down in order to give the film more of a heart.

veronica mars: versatile toppings

The show is all about outcasts and alienation. It's about power and how people abuse it, from high schoolers up to politicians and millionaires. Take The Outsiders, cross it with Raymond Chandler, chuck in some Beverly Hills 90210, add a streak of Heathers and you pretty much have Veronica Mars. Don't be mistaken, this is not a kids show.

v for vendetta

This is a film whose themes are firmly rooted in the now, despite it actually being set in the not-too-distant future. It asks us, how do we define a terrorist? Who defines what a terrorist is? Who is pulling our strings as a thinking and moral society, and why do we let them do it? Food for thought.