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the nightwatch

The film rips along at a cracking pace - at times too fast -  trying to fit an awful lot into 90 minutes. Sarah Waters continues her reign as the queen of lesbian historical fiction, and each time someone has picked up the adaptation mantle, there's been obvious effort to do her brilliant characters the justice they so deserve.

jamie and jessie are not together

There's an authenticity to this film that's easy to like. It's a queer film wearing its queerness proudly. However the authentic lesbian life is punctuated with oddly placed fake-as-anything musical numbers that seem to make no real contribution to progressing the story. They just serve to unbalance what could have been a sweet, interesting film.


I've never seen another film like this. I can't really make any comparison to a genre or category, except maybe road movie, but even that doesn't fit. In the end I believe this film stands pretty much alone as a monument to something forgotten by lesbian movies generally - old age. Fricker and Dukakis are extraordinary.