All in Television Episode

fastlane: strap on

It's flashy, it's sexy, it's designer bubblegum for the eyes for those people who sat through The Fast and the Furious and enjoyed it. It is even well written in places.This offering by McG hits all the right notes for the fast cars fans, but there's not much here for the girls. Sweeps lesbianism at its finest.

veronica mars: versatile toppings

The show is all about outcasts and alienation. It's about power and how people abuse it, from high schoolers up to politicians and millionaires. Take The Outsiders, cross it with Raymond Chandler, chuck in some Beverly Hills 90210, add a streak of Heathers and you pretty much have Veronica Mars. Don't be mistaken, this is not a kids show.

star trek DS9: rejoined

ST:DS9 were looking for a way to spice up Jadzia's love life, so they came up with this concept that tiptoes Jadzia into bisexuality. The episode had plot holes big enough to fly the Enterprise through but for all the lesbian fans of Jadzia Dax, this episode was manna from heaven.

the l word: pilot

What we have is a mostly good pilot, with mostly great ideas, mostly good (and non-selfconscious!) performances, but with a few lessons to learn about social responsibility. Like it or hate it, no one can deny that the mere existence of this show was an incredible milestone in television history.