All in 2004

hu die (butterfly)

Ultimately even though this story does come down to a simple coming out story, the way Flavia gets there is so burdened we must witness the consequences of her self-deception. We meet the people who become collateral in her search for identity and this depth lifts it far above other films with similar ideas.


There's an awful lot to like about Eulogy, but it is a film of funny moments lacking an engaging, emotional core. Clancy can't seem to decide if he wants his film to be a witty comedy of (lack of) manners or a slapstick farce, and he doesn't have the talent to carry off both.


Thelma the lesbian ghost really is the main drawcard here. Through her we get most of the story, most of the best acting, and most of the real emotional connection to the story as a whole. Without that little gambit to keep things interesting I think Hex might have died and been buried in obscurity.

shelter island

To all who claim that The L Word is simply lesbian soap opera designed to titillate straight men, I give you Shelter Island. These characters have no motivation other than to help the male audience get off on some juicy faux-lesbian content while waiting for some mediocre horror thrills. Avoid this.

mango kiss

Given the stagey nature of the production, it was the charisma and likeability of the actors that kept this film afloat. The two leads worked off each other well. the sexual chemistry between them suffered due to the fantastical dialogue, but the sex scenes were hot.


I think I liked this film a heck of a lot more than I should have. I guess these crime fighting hotties running around in skimpy outfits and saving the world is probably not a wonderful statement for lesbians, or womankind in general, but it's just so damn funny I don't care.