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Fingersmith is a lavish, sensual BBC production of a Sarah Waters novel that hits all the right emotional notes and has become a huge fan favourite. I found it was a solid, engaging story and a beautiful visual experience, but I missed some of the exquisite detail from the novel that would have rounded it all out perfectly.


Jolie's most courageous performances lie at the beginning of her career, with Gia acknowledged as one of her best. She plumbs the depths of the model's soul and reveals a small child simply looking for love at every turn, which causes her nothing but harm in the harsh world of modelling that both sustains and kills her.

sister my sister

This is a pressure cooker of a movie with no relief, to the point where the audience may even begin to feel stifled themselves. It is at once sexual drama, twisted gothic romance and vicious crime story, a piece that relies solely on character acting to drive the plot to an inevitable, horrible conclusion.

if these walls could talk 2

A three-part TV movie about lesbians inhabiting the same space in different decades. The quality between the films is inconsistent, but the first two films are fantastic. Really the place where we learned just how good Chloe Sevigny and Michelle Williams would become.

stranger inside

While recognising that the state of affairs for coloured women in lesbian film is abysmal, let's look at Cheryl Dunye's important achievement here for what it is, a powerful portrayal of a life lived inside a system that the vast majority of us can only begin to imagine.