All in 2006

the book club

This film was every bit as good, if not better, than most of the stuff you see at the major film festivals every year. My rating is probably a little inflated, but I can't resist a good romance. I genuinely enjoyed watching this movie.

running with scissors

Running with Scissors is a very odd movie. It isn't the oddest film I've ever seen, but it does stretch your mind quite a bit. The film is all at once an exploration of a tragically twisted family, a coming of age bildungsroman, and the story of how mental disease can destroy lives if not dealt with in an effective way.

for your consideration

Christopher Guest has struck gold again. This time his target is the Hollywood awards season and the hype that can spread through the news media. The usual gang is all here, and this company continues its run of being one of the funniest ensemble casts ever to grace the silver screen.

nina's heavenly delights

While you’re watching Nina’s Heavenly Delights it feels magical – almost bewitching. Romcoms have a long history of equating food and sensuality, they're a great narrative combination. This film has all the elements of an entertaining, if a little sentimental, romantic comedy.

imagine me & you

Bless its little cotton socks, this film doesn't have an original thought in its pretty little head. Piper Perabo and Lena Headey were gorgeous. I can understand why folks love this so much. Me, I've always been torn on this one. Sure it's visually stunning, but is there enough depth to actually be a good film?

the gymnast

I'm always talking about how it is far better to have a film with an excellent story and characters than it is to have one that looks pretty - but isn't it wonderful when a film has both? This film isn't even about gymnastics, or really even a gymnast for that matter. It's an exploration of a woman who finds new purpose in her life after a long-held dream is lost.