About Nancy Amazon and this website


Who am I?

I'm Nancy Amazon and I am the writer around here (thank god for squarespace because I can't build websites for crap). I live in Sydney, Australia, have a BA in Communications, a Masters in English Literature, and several certifications in obscure marketing technologies. I work in IT Consulting as my day job and aspire to be the lesbian Roger Ebert (RIP Roger) or the next Lois McMaster Bujold, whichever I can accomplish first.

In the past I have contributed film reviews and articles to sites such as The Sydney Morning Herald, theLWordOnline.com and AfterEllen.com.

Why did I call this site "Kissing Fingertips"?

Yeah, I know. It's a weird name, but bear with me. I wrote a paper many years ago for a film class entitled "kissing fingertips: queer erotica in mainstream cinema". Do you remember how Antonio Banderas passionately kissed Tom Hanks' fingertips in Philadelphia right before the man he loved was about to die? Yeah, that pissed me off.

I realised that much of the lesbian desire we saw for years on film and TV was often expressed through the kissing of hands or fingertips. While the situation is a lot better now than it was, the name stuck. Call it a cautionary tale now.

How does your rating system work?

I've explained it here.

What's my favourite movie?

Such a hard question, and I get emails asking almost every day. So here's my favourite 50 films of all time.

Who is the hottest woman on the planet who has ever played a lesbian?

I get asked this all the time. No idea why. Here's my list, but seriously, whatever floats your boat.

What on earth is "sweeps lesbianism"?

In 2004, Liz Friedman (ex-Xena writer/exec producer and all-round hilarious lesbian in show biz) coined the term "sweeps lesbianism" in the Bravo documentary TV Revolution: Out of the Closet. She described it as the phenomenon of TV shows presenting otherwise heterosexual women kissing women during the American sweeps TV months in order to attract higher ratings and generate noteriety for the shows.

The episodes are usually highly publicised, and the women all magically snap back to being perfectly straight once the show's regular season resumes. The women they kiss are often hastily dispatched. I refer to this phenomenon often, as even today it has never really gone away.

Who do I need to thank?

The ewok, now and always.