All in .5 Stars

do i love you?

This film is far from witty and so terribly dull. There are no redeeming features. Thank your lucky stars this film is so difficult to find, there's little or no chance you will stumble upon it by accident.

shelter island

To all who claim that The L Word is simply lesbian soap opera designed to titillate straight men, I give you Shelter Island. These characters have no motivation other than to help the male audience get off on some juicy faux-lesbian content while waiting for some mediocre horror thrills. Avoid this.

an intimate friendship

You know a film has problems when an audience is laughing hysterically through the whole thing, and there isn't a decent joke told in the entire movie. From script to acting to production values, there's not really anything to recommend here.

wave babes

Wave Babes, marketed as the lesbian Blue Crush send-up featuring no actual surfing, is campier than anything else I've ever seen. (Is campier even a word? Oh, who cares?) It's Animal House on speed for dykes, and not in a good way.