All in 1.5 Stars

the guest house

A younger girl and an older woman hook up for the weekend in convenient circumstances, then fight, then reconcile. There's some sex. It's all a bit rubbish really, and for all the sex between two women, doesn't feel at all like a lesbian film, like it somehow has no heart.

the d word

Despite being billed as The L Word with real people (what, are there some fake people in The L Word cast I don't know about?) actually, The D Word is little more than episodic fan fiction for television. It takes all its cues from The L Word and doesn't really have much claim to originality. Unfortunately as a parody it kind of falls flat too, with only one or two of the characters being truly funny. So for me, watching this was a pretty bland experience.


Despite knowing the film was just soft porn with a plot, the fact that this film came from Helen Lesnick probably raised my expectations higher than they should have been. I was entirely unprepared for how bad this film would be.