All in 1995

boys on the side

Classic: A road movie with a twist, this underrated Hollywood classic will have you weeping by the end, and with good reason. These three actresses amp the emotion up to critical levels, but somehow avoid being sickly and melodramatic. A pitch perfect dramedy that stands the test of time.

xena: warrior princess

Most fans recognise that the importance of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship lay in the love and loyalty between the two companions, not in their sexual relationship. It was a show that emphasised the friendship and bonds that exist between women. It was better, I think, for people to be allowed to make up their own minds as to the extent of those bonds, despite how much subtext fans (myself included) cherished those rare overtly-romantic moments that did exist.

higher learning

The tagline for the film says "Unlearn", and that is an excellent explanation of the main theme of the film. How difficult is it to unlearn all we have been taught in our lives when faced with situations that fall outside our frame of reference?

when night is falling

In Patricia Rozema's ethereal vision, we get a glimpse of one of those moments where you have to grab the brass ring and hang on for all you are worth, because that chance to live the life you were meant to may come along only once in a lifetime.

star trek DS9: rejoined

ST:DS9 were looking for a way to spice up Jadzia's love life, so they came up with this concept that tiptoes Jadzia into bisexuality. The episode had plot holes big enough to fly the Enterprise through but for all the lesbian fans of Jadzia Dax, this episode was manna from heaven.