All in 1998

high art

Lisa Cholodenko, in an ambitious feature film debut, has written a screenplay that doesn't just show her characters and their lives, it also examines them, meticulously, pointing out every flaw, every weakness, every strength, every misstep. Our voyeuristic tendencies are fed generously as we're shown a slice of life that is both fascinating and horrible to watch.

fucking åmål (show me love)

Films that embrace the lesbian teenage experience without condescension are rare, and so very necessary. Sure, we've proven that as a society we can ridicule and satirise our teenagers (both gay and straight) and their real and perceived angst, but seldom does a film come along that is sweet without being saccharine and real without being preachy. Fucking Åmål is all this and more.

it's in the water

Oh God, I tried not to like this, I really did. Chalk this one up to the guiltiest of pleasures but I've watched and rewatched this classic over the years and I still love it. It's full of heart, and sexiness, and makes me love lesbian films all over again.


Jolie's most courageous performances lie at the beginning of her career, with Gia acknowledged as one of her best. She plumbs the depths of the model's soul and reveals a small child simply looking for love at every turn, which causes her nothing but harm in the harsh world of modelling that both sustains and kills her.