All in 2000

queer as folk

Although this show started as a US remake of a British TV show, it very quickly came into its own and took the concept far further than the Brits ever conceived of. QAF was groundbreaking and full-on, the show that dared when all other shows didn't. Sure it was a wondrous land of beautiful boys, but there's real life reflected here too.

best in show

Christopher Guest has a genuine affection for all his characters and his cast, and allows them all a moment to really shine. The result is balanced, rich, hilarious and is made all the more funny because lesbians and gay men get to laugh at themselves right along with all the straight people, and it's no big deal.

between two women

The strength of this film lies in the fact that the story unfurls with a vast deal of emotion, allowing us to really feel for these people, even if the vast majority of us can’t relate to life of two women in England in the fifties. It may be too different and slow for it to really find an audience, but I found it sweet and compelling.

if these walls could talk 2

A three-part TV movie about lesbians inhabiting the same space in different decades. The quality between the films is inconsistent, but the first two films are fantastic. Really the place where we learned just how good Chloe Sevigny and Michelle Williams would become.

the monkey's mask

The Monkey's Mask is a beautiful film; visually exciting and poetic, but if you are looking for a fast-paced detective thriller then you are in the wrong place. Jill wanders around in a world that is alien, being led astray by a woman who is not as she appears, trying to find secrets to a murder not even being very effectively covered up.