All in 2004

lapsia ja aikuisia (producing adults)

This is a dark comedy with elements of screwball, that towards the end becomes just that little bit serious to bring the love story to a satisfyingconclusion. It is a story for adults that shows adults acting like children, in that way we know we're all capable of in order to get our own way.

girl play

Two comediennes, while rehearsing for a play, find that they have an irresistable connection. It's a simple idea, based on the real life experiences of the actors involved, which despite a few flaws is pulled off in an engaging, sweet and suprisingly sexy way.


Well, I've waited my whole filmgoing life to hear Annabeth Gish yelling at the top of her lungs "I'm a lesbian!!", but apart from that moment of pure unadulterated bliss, there really wasn't a heck of a lot more to recommend about Knots.

the d word

Despite being billed as The L Word with real people (what, are there some fake people in The L Word cast I don't know about?) actually, The D Word is little more than episodic fan fiction for television. It takes all its cues from The L Word and doesn't really have much claim to originality. Unfortunately as a parody it kind of falls flat too, with only one or two of the characters being truly funny. So for me, watching this was a pretty bland experience.

the l word: season one

After what can only be considered a shaky start, The L Word has gone on to fascinate, infuriate, repulse and attract audiences all over the world. It is the mark of a successful show though that like it or loathe it, the show has people talking. Showtime have already guaranteed our favourite TV lesbians at least another season on the air.