All in 2010

lost girl

Supernatural creatures, magical powers, dark forces, friends, foes, sexy escapades, murder and mayhem, S&M, mysteries, more sexy people, outlandish plots, people having sex with literally anything that moves, low(ish) budget, hilariously bad special effects, more sex, twisted beyond belief mythology, made in Canada. Really hot cast. You with me? Excellent.


I like movies that aren't afraid to talk. Sometimes it's messy, sometimes it's long-winded, but Trigger had something real to say, about love, friendship, loyalty, illness, and women in the music industry.

elena undone

Focus on the simple story of a woman torn between love and family duty. If you did that, you might have yourself a decent film . Instead we have a frustratingly uneven film that vers from high melodrama to tackiness and back again. However, there are bright spots that keep the whole thing afloat.

scott pilgrim vs the world

This film is a niche as it gets, and yet people outside the geekdom/video game/nerdy-as-it-comes world seem to actually get the jokes. Some things are just that iconic. Problem is, most just won't think they're terribly interesting or funny.

the runaways

As with many things that you build up in your head, the reality sometimes falls short, and thus it was with The Runaways which, despite all my built-up expectations, turned out to be a good film but not a great one. This is through no fault of the actors who were perfectly cast and smashed it.