All in 3 Stars

axolotl overkill

Watching this movie was like being at a seedy party where you don’t know anyone, nobody will talk to you, everyone is drunk or on drugs, and you just can’t wait to leave. It doesn’t matter that it looked beautiful and that the director was obviously telling an intensely personal story. She was telling it for herself, and leaving us out of it.

the black dahlia

As with all noir, by necessity style plays an important role. In this case I would say the mise-en-scene rises to the level of a main character. Brian De Palma is well known for favouring style over substance, but in The Black Dahlia this unexpected upstart of a character steals the show and never gives any of the other characters a look-in.

elena undone

Focus on the simple story of a woman torn between love and family duty. If you did that, you might have yourself a decent film . Instead we have a frustratingly uneven film that vers from high melodrama to tackiness and back again. However, there are bright spots that keep the whole thing afloat.

scott pilgrim vs the world

This film is a niche as it gets, and yet people outside the geekdom/video game/nerdy-as-it-comes world seem to actually get the jokes. Some things are just that iconic. Problem is, most just won't think they're terribly interesting or funny.

the children's hour

I am greatful that films like this existed to help pave the way, but they leave a deep, dark pit of despair in our hearts. I have nothing but praise for Maclean and Hepburn for taking on such roles, and to Lillian Hellman for her magnificent play. But it's just so horribly sad.


How does such rich material become boring? They put the worst possible director behind this adapation who succeeded in basically filming a stage musical, rather than turning it into the three-dimensional masterpiece it was capable of being.