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almost adults

Almost Adults feels like a bunch of well-meaning friends got together to make a frothy film, but unfortunately it's really not very good. It feels tremendously dated, wooden, and the stereotypes abound. It's all been done before, more successfully, back in the early 90's, and really didn't need to be done again.

axolotl overkill

Watching this movie was like being at a seedy party where you don’t know anyone, nobody will talk to you, everyone is drunk or on drugs, and you just can’t wait to leave. It doesn’t matter that it looked beautiful and that the director was obviously telling an intensely personal story. She was telling it for herself, and leaving us out of it.

jenny's wedding

There are almost no words to describe what a missed opportunity this was. With zero chemistry between the leads and a script that wasted the talents of everyone involved, this film does no justice to something that is such a resonating subject in our community right now. I felt cheated investing the time and effort getting to know these characters at all.

boys on the side

Classic: A road movie with a twist, this underrated Hollywood classic will have you weeping by the end, and with good reason. These three actresses amp the emotion up to critical levels, but somehow avoid being sickly and melodramatic. A pitch perfect dramedy that stands the test of time.

boy meets girl

With some distinct pluses and minuses, I enjoyed the film immensely, squealed with delight in some parts and squirmed with discomfort in others. Michelle Hendley is disarmingly good, and I hope that this sweet, affecting love story finds an audience, because it deserves it.

the guest house

A younger girl and an older woman hook up for the weekend in convenient circumstances, then fight, then reconcile. There's some sex. It's all a bit rubbish really, and for all the sex between two women, doesn't feel at all like a lesbian film, like it somehow has no heart.