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xena: warrior princess

Most fans recognise that the importance of the Xena/Gabrielle relationship lay in the love and loyalty between the two companions, not in their sexual relationship. It was a show that emphasised the friendship and bonds that exist between women. It was better, I think, for people to be allowed to make up their own minds as to the extent of those bonds, despite how much subtext fans (myself included) cherished those rare overtly-romantic moments that did exist.

fastlane: strap on

It's flashy, it's sexy, it's designer bubblegum for the eyes for those people who sat through The Fast and the Furious and enjoyed it. It is even well written in places.This offering by McG hits all the right notes for the fast cars fans, but there's not much here for the girls. Sweeps lesbianism at its finest.

in her line of fire

Have you ever wished that, just for once, after saving the day the women in the action flick would suddenly turn to each other and smooch, leaving the macho hero high and dry? Well if that appeals to you, this is your lucky day. A truly terrible film, and one of life's guilty pleasures.