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lost girl

Supernatural creatures, magical powers, dark forces, friends, foes, sexy escapades, murder and mayhem, S&M, mysteries, more sexy people, outlandish plots, people having sex with literally anything that moves, low(ish) budget, hilariously bad special effects, more sex, twisted beyond belief mythology, made in Canada. Really hot cast. You with me? Excellent.

buffy the vampire slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was exceptional for the way it depicted so many otherworldly monsters, yet made us all understand that ultimately the hardest thing to face is humanity. Looked down on by critics and non-fantasy fans alike, Buffy reigned supreme for years as the most original, witty and strongest-written show on TV.


Thelma the lesbian ghost really is the main drawcard here. Through her we get most of the story, most of the best acting, and most of the real emotional connection to the story as a whole. Without that little gambit to keep things interesting I think Hex might have died and been buried in obscurity.