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axolotl overkill

Watching this movie was like being at a seedy party where you don’t know anyone, nobody will talk to you, everyone is drunk or on drugs, and you just can’t wait to leave. It doesn’t matter that it looked beautiful and that the director was obviously telling an intensely personal story. She was telling it for herself, and leaving us out of it.

aimée and jaguar

This film does a haunting job of presenting a nation on the brink of defeat. While the radios pratter endlessly about the invincibility of the German people, Berlin lies in ruins, a bombed-out shell of the glorious city it had been. Against this backdrop of World War II, two women lived an extraordinary true story upon which this film is loosely based.


This feels like it was made a decade too late. Billed as a "coming of age" drama, the plot can be all-too-neatly summarised in one sentence: Sonja is a girl who realises she's in love with her best friend. If you think you've seen that film before, you'd be right, and in many better ways.