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go fish

Every lesbian interested in the history of our movement and our cinema should see this film. I know that some of it leaves me shaking my head today, but there's so much that still speaks to our shared experience, and it's so rare to see a film that reminds us how far we have really come.

here come the girls 1

A close reading of the credits of each film shows many of these filmmakers thanking each other, so the lesbian filmmaking scene seems fairly close-knit, and lesbian organisation POWERUP funded one of Munroe's films here. So let's just say, this collection has street cred.

itty bitty titty committee

Some of the best minds working in lesbian film got together in a room and this was the best title they could come up with? I guess it doesn't really matter, since the whole film boils down to a giant dick joke. I thoroughly hated this film, I can't find anything to like about it at all.

the l word: season one

After what can only be considered a shaky start, The L Word has gone on to fascinate, infuriate, repulse and attract audiences all over the world. It is the mark of a successful show though that like it or loathe it, the show has people talking. Showtime have already guaranteed our favourite TV lesbians at least another season on the air.