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all over me

The storyline for All Over Me might be above and beyond anything that most teenagers experience but the fundamental emotional responses the main characters have to their situations are so universal that the film still feels relevant years after its release. This is an important, totally underrated lesbian film, which is not bad for a film where the word "lesbian" is not once uttered.

the l word: season one

After what can only be considered a shaky start, The L Word has gone on to fascinate, infuriate, repulse and attract audiences all over the world. It is the mark of a successful show though that like it or loathe it, the show has people talking. Showtime have already guaranteed our favourite TV lesbians at least another season on the air.

the l word: season 3

I complain contsantly that television has a habit of shaving off all the rough edges of life and not giving it to us the way that life usually is; harsh, brutal, unforgiving. You can’t say that about season three. They made some dubious creative decisions, but you can’t say that they made the journey easy for us. And for one character the journey ended.

the l word: pilot

What we have is a mostly good pilot, with mostly great ideas, mostly good (and non-selfconscious!) performances, but with a few lessons to learn about social responsibility. Like it or hate it, no one can deny that the mere existence of this show was an incredible milestone in television history.