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jamie and jessie are not together

There's an authenticity to this film that's easy to like. It's a queer film wearing its queerness proudly. However the authentic lesbian life is punctuated with oddly placed fake-as-anything musical numbers that seem to make no real contribution to progressing the story. They just serve to unbalance what could have been a sweet, interesting film.

the runaways

As with many things that you build up in your head, the reality sometimes falls short, and thus it was with The Runaways which, despite all my built-up expectations, turned out to be a good film but not a great one. This is through no fault of the actors who were perfectly cast and smashed it.


How does such rich material become boring? They put the worst possible director behind this adapation who succeeded in basically filming a stage musical, rather than turning it into the three-dimensional masterpiece it was capable of being.