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high art

Lisa Cholodenko, in an ambitious feature film debut, has written a screenplay that doesn't just show her characters and their lives, it also examines them, meticulously, pointing out every flaw, every weakness, every strength, every misstep. Our voyeuristic tendencies are fed generously as we're shown a slice of life that is both fascinating and horrible to watch.

feast of love

Radha Mitchell and Selma Blair steal this film that tries to explore many different facets of love. the mish-mash of characters never really resolves itself though, and the pall that hangs over the film makes it hard going.

love and other catastrophes

This film is a testament to the power of the idea. Just a few good scenes, some charming actors and voila! A decent, quirky, urban comedy. Made in a matter of weeks with just a Woody Allen-inspired script, no money and a lot of passion, it was a cinematic success story, lesbians and all.