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gray matters

With a fantastic cast, a nice budget and a great premise, this film could have been an awesome romcom, and it does have some nice moments. However, a few characters needed to be excised, the script needed to be tighter and the zany needed to be toned down in order to give the film more of a heart.

it's in the water

Oh God, I tried not to like this, I really did. Chalk this one up to the guiltiest of pleasures but I've watched and rewatched this classic over the years and I still love it. It's full of heart, and sexiness, and makes me love lesbian films all over again.

when night is falling

In Patricia Rozema's ethereal vision, we get a glimpse of one of those moments where you have to grab the brass ring and hang on for all you are worth, because that chance to live the life you were meant to may come along only once in a lifetime.

desert hearts

This is a film for hopeless romantics. You have to have a high capacity for schmaltz and an ability to listen to Patsy Cline wail "Crazy" with a straight face. Time has not been kind to Desert Hearts, but it will steal your heart if you let it.

an unexpected love

Despite their over-acted reputation, TV movies have the capacity to reach such a huge audience, so positive approaches to lesbian sexuality in TV movies can only be considered a good thing. With some OK performances by some reasonably well-known faces, this is a reasonable example of the medium and superior to many cinematic efforts I've seen dealing with the same subject.