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babylon 5

The lesbian "subtext" on Babylon 5 is the ultimate story of what might have been. If Andrea Thompson had chosen to remain on the show, the Susan/Talia storyline could have been groundbreaking. It ultimately became a brief flicker of excitement, followed by heartbreak for fans.

star trek DS9: rejoined

ST:DS9 were looking for a way to spice up Jadzia's love life, so they came up with this concept that tiptoes Jadzia into bisexuality. The episode had plot holes big enough to fly the Enterprise through but for all the lesbian fans of Jadzia Dax, this episode was manna from heaven.

firefly: war stories

Imagine an old fashioned spaghetti-western on the frontiers of space, with spaceships instead of stagecoaches and where folks speak a dialect like English that's been dragged through a Chinese gold mining town. Now picture that show being written by the man behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer.