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If the numerous re-enactments of her crimes are even halfway close to the truth, then there is little doubt Aileen Wuornos was indeed a monster. Even if, as she claims, her first kill was in self defence, her subsequent killing spree erases all pity we might have felt. That she did it all for love, or the lack of it as this film suggests, is just appalling, and there's no excuse. Thankfully it is never offered as one.

shelter island

To all who claim that The L Word is simply lesbian soap opera designed to titillate straight men, I give you Shelter Island. These characters have no motivation other than to help the male audience get off on some juicy faux-lesbian content while waiting for some mediocre horror thrills. Avoid this.

basic instinct

If you listened to some critics, the film managed to single-handedly set back the cause of lesbian visibility in Hollywood by decades. It is the very embodiment of the evil lesbian cliche. I think there's some wiggle room for an alternate theory.

sister my sister

This is a pressure cooker of a movie with no relief, to the point where the audience may even begin to feel stifled themselves. It is at once sexual drama, twisted gothic romance and vicious crime story, a piece that relies solely on character acting to drive the plot to an inevitable, horrible conclusion.