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tipping the velvet

From the corset kings of the world, the BBC, comes an adaptation so lush that it might just rival the 1996 remake of Pride and Prejudice as my favourite costume drama of all time. I bet when they were making stodgy Shakespeare adaptations in the fifties the powers that be at the BBC never thought costume drama would ever come to this.

queer as folk

Although this show started as a US remake of a British TV show, it very quickly came into its own and took the concept far further than the Brits ever conceived of. QAF was groundbreaking and full-on, the show that dared when all other shows didn't. Sure it was a wondrous land of beautiful boys, but there's real life reflected here too.

butch jamie

Indie films with modest storytelling goals are often the most successful, and the sweetness of the romance in this was pleasantly unexpected. It displays a subtlety in writing and directing working with zero budget that trumpets Michelle Ehlen as a real talent to watch.