All in 1999


Ellen Barkin plays an experienced but lonely cop on the trail of a serial killer. The trail leads her to businesswoman Vickie Kittrie (Peta Wilson). Vickie is at first reluctant to cooperate, but then sets her sights at Catherine as her latest conquest, and the investigation becomes just another dangerous sexual game for her.

but i'm a cheerleader

But I'm A Cheerleader has all the calling cards of a Waters film: the pastiche, the humour, the melodrama, but tends also towards the slapstick and gross-out humour that is so popular in the teen film market. It is perfectly placed as a great film homage, but stands a little shakily on its own merits.

boys don't cry

I often wonder if director Kimberley Pierce knew, as she was making Boys Don't Cry, that Hilary Swank was giving one of the greatest performances of all time. As she handled the making of the film there must have been a great weight on her mind. This was particularly difficult subject matter. 

bad girls

This is soap opera at its finest. It's all about Nikki and Helen. Were there other characters in the first three seasons? I'm sorry, I didn't notice. They have an instant pull, a connection, an irresistable attraction. Heck, they generate so much heat they could be mistaken for a renewable energy source. 

aimée and jaguar

This film does a haunting job of presenting a nation on the brink of defeat. While the radios pratter endlessly about the invincibility of the German people, Berlin lies in ruins, a bombed-out shell of the glorious city it had been. Against this backdrop of World War II, two women lived an extraordinary true story upon which this film is loosely based.