All in 2.5 Stars

almost adults

Almost Adults feels like a bunch of well-meaning friends got together to make a frothy film, but unfortunately it's really not very good. It feels tremendously dated, wooden, and the stereotypes abound. It's all been done before, more successfully, back in the early 90's, and really didn't need to be done again.

jamie and jessie are not together

There's an authenticity to this film that's easy to like. It's a queer film wearing its queerness proudly. However the authentic lesbian life is punctuated with oddly placed fake-as-anything musical numbers that seem to make no real contribution to progressing the story. They just serve to unbalance what could have been a sweet, interesting film.

gray matters

With a fantastic cast, a nice budget and a great premise, this film could have been an awesome romcom, and it does have some nice moments. However, a few characters needed to be excised, the script needed to be tighter and the zany needed to be toned down in order to give the film more of a heart.

wild side

As a piece of cinema this was taut and well acted, but the ugliness of the environs and the characters just disgusted me from the beginning and I was never able to get involved enough to care.


Well, I've waited my whole filmgoing life to hear Annabeth Gish yelling at the top of her lungs "I'm a lesbian!!", but apart from that moment of pure unadulterated bliss, there really wasn't a heck of a lot more to recommend about Knots.

running with scissors

Running with Scissors is a very odd movie. It isn't the oddest film I've ever seen, but it does stretch your mind quite a bit. The film is all at once an exploration of a tragically twisted family, a coming of age bildungsroman, and the story of how mental disease can destroy lives if not dealt with in an effective way.