All in 2007

itty bitty titty committee

Some of the best minds working in lesbian film got together in a room and this was the best title they could come up with? I guess it doesn't really matter, since the whole film boils down to a giant dick joke. I thoroughly hated this film, I can't find anything to like about it at all.

butch jamie

Indie films with modest storytelling goals are often the most successful, and the sweetness of the romance in this was pleasantly unexpected. It displays a subtlety in writing and directing working with zero budget that trumpets Michelle Ehlen as a real talent to watch.

feast of love

Radha Mitchell and Selma Blair steal this film that tries to explore many different facets of love. the mish-mash of characters never really resolves itself though, and the pall that hangs over the film makes it hard going.

out at the wedding

I'm in dilemma over this film. Some parts were hysterically funny while other parts were decidedly not. Some characters were consistent, and others weren't. On the balance of probabilities, is this a good film? Maddeningly, the answer is, "maybe".

i can't think straight

This film feels incomplete on so many levels. The jokes weren’t funny enough, the lovelorn women not lovelorn enough, the conflict not conflicting enough…It’s all a bit of a yawn. It does however have a completely sweet ending, which will satisfy the romantics.