lost & delirious

This star crossed lovers story is as tragic as they come, and has a Shakespearean Tragedy quality about it. The bit players do their best, but none can keep up with the shining light that is Piper Perabo. This is her film, and she revels in every last, passion-filled moment.

the truth about jane

This should be compulsory viewing for teens and all parents, no matter what sexuality their children are. It punches home the strongest message, that the worst thing a child can ever experience is being rejected by the two people they most depend on, for any reason.

a family affair

A testimony to one lesbian's ability to laugh at herself, I got a real kick out of A Family Affair, but I recognise that others won't be as forgiving of the acting and production as I was able to be. Lesnick has created a complex character who I enjoyed hanging out with.