the monkey's mask

The Monkey's Mask is a beautiful film; visually exciting and poetic, but if you are looking for a fast-paced detective thriller then you are in the wrong place. Jill wanders around in a world that is alien, being led astray by a woman who is not as she appears, trying to find secrets to a murder not even being very effectively covered up.

stranger inside

While recognising that the state of affairs for coloured women in lesbian film is abysmal, let's look at Cheryl Dunye's important achievement here for what it is, a powerful portrayal of a life lived inside a system that the vast majority of us can only begin to imagine.

kissing jessica stein

This Woody-Allen-inspired parable does for lesbians what Will & Grace does so successfully for gay men, to convince the world that we're not all tight-asses with an agenda and no senses of humour. Yes, lesbians can laugh at ourselves. Who knew?


Despite knowing the film was just soft porn with a plot, the fact that this film came from Helen Lesnick probably raised my expectations higher than they should have been. I was entirely unprepared for how bad this film would be.