wave babes

Wave Babes, marketed as the lesbian Blue Crush send-up featuring no actual surfing, is campier than anything else I've ever seen. (Is campier even a word? Oh, who cares?) It's Animal House on speed for dykes, and not in a good way.

if these walls could talk 2

A three-part TV movie about lesbians inhabiting the same space in different decades. The quality between the films is inconsistent, but the first two films are fantastic. Really the place where we learned just how good Chloe Sevigny and Michelle Williams would become.

my summer of love

Any points I give this film would not be for the lesbian content, but for the feeling of isolation it creates. This effecthelped along by the look of the film. My Summer of Love is an absolutely gorgeous film, but underneath it feels depressed and hollow, which is probably the film's most successful metaphor.