I think I liked this film a heck of a lot more than I should have. I guess these crime fighting hotties running around in skimpy outfits and saving the world is probably not a wonderful statement for lesbians, or womankind in general, but it's just so damn funny I don't care.

sister my sister

This is a pressure cooker of a movie with no relief, to the point where the audience may even begin to feel stifled themselves. It is at once sexual drama, twisted gothic romance and vicious crime story, a piece that relies solely on character acting to drive the plot to an inevitable, horrible conclusion.

between two women

The strength of this film lies in the fact that the story unfurls with a vast deal of emotion, allowing us to really feel for these people, even if the vast majority of us can’t relate to life of two women in England in the fifties. It may be too different and slow for it to really find an audience, but I found it sweet and compelling.

head in the clouds

Why produce this story at all if you aren't prepared to give it everything? It purports to be a steamy exploration of a tragic romance in a war-torn time, and all it ends up being is a placid, stagey narrative where the lead characters are less interesting than the furniture.