basic instinct

If you listened to some critics, the film managed to single-handedly set back the cause of lesbian visibility in Hollywood by decades. It is the very embodiment of the evil lesbian cliche. I think there's some wiggle room for an alternate theory.


This feels like it was made a decade too late. Billed as a "coming of age" drama, the plot can be all-too-neatly summarised in one sentence: Sonja is a girl who realises she's in love with her best friend. If you think you've seen that film before, you'd be right, and in many better ways.

puccini for beginners

The term "navel gazing" was invented to describe characters like Jenny on The L Word, and films like this. For those not in the know, it means overt and often pointless, painful self-reflection. It is the height of oblivious self-indulgence.


Fingersmith is a lavish, sensual BBC production of a Sarah Waters novel that hits all the right emotional notes and has become a huge fan favourite. I found it was a solid, engaging story and a beautiful visual experience, but I missed some of the exquisite detail from the novel that would have rounded it all out perfectly.


Jolie's most courageous performances lie at the beginning of her career, with Gia acknowledged as one of her best. She plumbs the depths of the model's soul and reveals a small child simply looking for love at every turn, which causes her nothing but harm in the harsh world of modelling that both sustains and kills her.


In an opaque film that is as emotionally frozen as the tundra on which it is set, kd lang turned in a perfectly serviceable performance, made all the more impressive by the fact that the motivations for her character were extremely difficult to understand.