prey for rock & roll

This is a harsh film, and if it weren’t for the wit, warmth and palpable love between these characters I think the compounded tragedy of the film would be unbearable. Gina Gershon shows once againshe’s capable of outstanding acting when given the right skin to inhabit.

hu die (butterfly)

Ultimately even though this story does come down to a simple coming out story, the way Flavia gets there is so burdened we must witness the consequences of her self-deception. We meet the people who become collateral in her search for identity and this depth lifts it far above other films with similar ideas.

out at the wedding

I'm in dilemma over this film. Some parts were hysterically funny while other parts were decidedly not. Some characters were consistent, and others weren't. On the balance of probabilities, is this a good film? Maddeningly, the answer is, "maybe".

for your consideration

Christopher Guest has struck gold again. This time his target is the Hollywood awards season and the hype that can spread through the news media. The usual gang is all here, and this company continues its run of being one of the funniest ensemble casts ever to grace the silver screen.

nina's heavenly delights

While you’re watching Nina’s Heavenly Delights it feels magical – almost bewitching. Romcoms have a long history of equating food and sensuality, they're a great narrative combination. This film has all the elements of an entertaining, if a little sentimental, romantic comedy.

imagine me & you

Bless its little cotton socks, this film doesn't have an original thought in its pretty little head. Piper Perabo and Lena Headey were gorgeous. I can understand why folks love this so much. Me, I've always been torn on this one. Sure it's visually stunning, but is there enough depth to actually be a good film?