here come the girls 1

A close reading of the credits of each film shows many of these filmmakers thanking each other, so the lesbian filmmaking scene seems fairly close-knit, and lesbian organisation POWERUP funded one of Munroe's films here. So let's just say, this collection has street cred.

gillery's little secret

The location shots are nice, particularly those of Gillery by the lake and of the small-town ambience. Getting actors of this calibre helps enormously, and the film has a polished, well-produced look and feel that lifts it above your usual indie fare.

personal best

Although Personal Best is one of the most well-known and influential lesbian films made to date, it has been joked about for so long that it has surpassed cult status. It's a well made film with great acting that continues to stand on its own merits, decades later.

it's in the water

Oh God, I tried not to like this, I really did. Chalk this one up to the guiltiest of pleasures but I've watched and rewatched this classic over the years and I still love it. It's full of heart, and sexiness, and makes me love lesbian films all over again.

aimée and jaguar

This film does a haunting job of presenting a nation on the brink of defeat. While the radios pratter endlessly about the invincibility of the German people, Berlin lies in ruins, a bombed-out shell of the glorious city it had been. Against this backdrop of World War II, two women lived an extraordinary true story upon which this film is loosely based.