How does such rich material become boring? They put the worst possible director behind this adapation who succeeded in basically filming a stage musical, rather than turning it into the three-dimensional masterpiece it was capable of being.

fucking åmål (show me love)

Films that embrace the lesbian teenage experience without condescension are rare, and so very necessary. Sure, we've proven that as a society we can ridicule and satirise our teenagers (both gay and straight) and their real and perceived angst, but seldom does a film come along that is sweet without being saccharine and real without being preachy. Fucking Åmål is all this and more.

the laramie project

This is a film that allows us to reflect, not only about the victims of hate crimes and the atrocities committed against them, but about the violence that gets committed against the LGBT community every day in the form of evil words and unjust laws that remove (or simply don't protect) our basic human rights.

the business of strangers

Every minute that I was watching The Business of Strangers I found myself wanting more than the film was giving me. When the characters were angry, I wanted them to be angrier. When sad, I wanted more anguish. When they were flirting, I wanted them to wind the sexuality up a notch. Everything seemed just not quite enough.