in her line of fire

Have you ever wished that, just for once, after saving the day the women in the action flick would suddenly turn to each other and smooch, leaving the macho hero high and dry? Well if that appeals to you, this is your lucky day. A truly terrible film, and one of life's guilty pleasures.


I've never seen another film like this. I can't really make any comparison to a genre or category, except maybe road movie, but even that doesn't fit. In the end I believe this film stands pretty much alone as a monument to something forgotten by lesbian movies generally - old age. Fricker and Dukakis are extraordinary.

the children's hour

I am greatful that films like this existed to help pave the way, but they leave a deep, dark pit of despair in our hearts. I have nothing but praise for Maclean and Hepburn for taking on such roles, and to Lillian Hellman for her magnificent play. But it's just so horribly sad.

a village affair

Take one coming-out-when-older storyline. Push in some farce. Add one quaint English village. Stir frequently. That'll give you the idea. There was a moment or two while skinny dipping in the pond when I thought the ladies were going to get all D.H. Lawrence on us, but to no avail.

red doors

For a ninety-minute film there were too many characters, too many interlocking stories, thus too little exploration of each character and too many loose ends left untied. This is only frustrating because I liked every single one of these characters and I just wanted more.