If the numerous re-enactments of her crimes are even halfway close to the truth, then there is little doubt Aileen Wuornos was indeed a monster. Even if, as she claims, her first kill was in self defence, her subsequent killing spree erases all pity we might have felt. That she did it all for love, or the lack of it as this film suggests, is just appalling, and there's no excuse. Thankfully it is never offered as one.

gray matters

With a fantastic cast, a nice budget and a great premise, this film could have been an awesome romcom, and it does have some nice moments. However, a few characters needed to be excised, the script needed to be tighter and the zany needed to be toned down in order to give the film more of a heart.

boys don't cry

I often wonder if director Kimberley Pierce knew, as she was making Boys Don't Cry, that Hilary Swank was giving one of the greatest performances of all time. As she handled the making of the film there must have been a great weight on her mind. This was particularly difficult subject matter. 

scott pilgrim vs the world

This film is a niche as it gets, and yet people outside the geekdom/video game/nerdy-as-it-comes world seem to actually get the jokes. Some things are just that iconic. Problem is, most just won't think they're terribly interesting or funny.