higher learning

The tagline for the film says "Unlearn", and that is an excellent explanation of the main theme of the film. How difficult is it to unlearn all we have been taught in our lives when faced with situations that fall outside our frame of reference?

tipping the velvet

From the corset kings of the world, the BBC, comes an adaptation so lush that it might just rival the 1996 remake of Pride and Prejudice as my favourite costume drama of all time. I bet when they were making stodgy Shakespeare adaptations in the fifties the powers that be at the BBC never thought costume drama would ever come to this.

but i'm a cheerleader

But I'm A Cheerleader has all the calling cards of a Waters film: the pastiche, the humour, the melodrama, but tends also towards the slapstick and gross-out humour that is so popular in the teen film market. It is perfectly placed as a great film homage, but stands a little shakily on its own merits.

elena undone

Focus on the simple story of a woman torn between love and family duty. If you did that, you might have yourself a decent film . Instead we have a frustratingly uneven film that vers from high melodrama to tackiness and back again. However, there are bright spots that keep the whole thing afloat.

mosquita y mari

There's nothing monumental about this film, it doesn't try to make any grand statements. In fact, it feels rather like a nostalgic trip backwards with that glorious emotional naivety of childhood kept intact. There's something so intimate about the story, like somehow we're intruding upon a long-cherished memory.