Kissing Fingertips Rating System

The Kissing Fingertips rating system
5 Stars = Awesome. Sell your soul to see this.
4 Stars = Excellently done!
3 Stars = Entertaining and worthwhile, but not brilliant.
2 Stars = Has some OK moments but mostly pretty average.
1 Star = Drivel. Avoid! Avoid!

I've never given a film a zero rating and I never will. The fact that somebody makes a film at all is impressive enough to earn some credit.

How do you rate films?

I revisited my top ten to try and get a handle on what I think makes an excellent lesbian film, and these common themes emerged:

  1. It can't be just about being gay.
    That means pure coming out stories have to be sensationally good, I don't really get into stories where the heroine consistently frets about being gay and nothing else.
  2. Films that are not afraid of showing sexuality and sexual difference.
    Passion that has nothing to do with being lesbian and all to do with the human need for connection.
  3. The lead female characters are strong.
    I don't mean they all have to be butch babes with guns, I'm saying they need to have a strong sense of self, or work towards that sense of self. In short, films that are character-driven.
  4. It's not about money, it's about talent.
    I will admit that my top ten is filled mostly (but not exclusively) with films that had some money behind them and production values to match. However, I've panned many films that had money too. It's about the story and the characters, not the budget.